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Washington among best work from home states

May 2022

Washington is among the top 10 work from home (WFH) states, according to rankings compiled by WalletHub. Using 12 key metrics to compare the 50 states and District of Columbia, that personal finance website ranked Washington #8. New Jersey was #1.

Analysts at Wallet Hub also used two key dimensions, “Work Environment” and “Living Environment” to rank the best WFH states. Work Environment, valued at 60 points, considered things like share of potential telecommuters, internet access, and cybersecurity. Living Environment, valued at 40 points, considered the price of electricity and internet plans, home size, and type of dwelling.

Based on these two dimensions and corresponding weighted scores, Washington ranked 11th for Work Environment (D.C. was #1) and 19th for Living Environment (Texas was #1).

Looking at the 12 key metrics, the report had Washington ranked:

  • 3rd for household internet access
  • 3rd for the average retail price of electricity
  • 5th for share of population that is working from home
  • 21st for the cost of internet; and
  • 26th for a home’s average square footage


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